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Gail’s Favorite Gardening Tips!

Gail’s Favorite Gardening Tips!

Gardening is one my favorite summer activities, I find it can be so therapeutic. Although its often difficult to gather the energy at the end of a busy day, once I delve into the gardens, flowers, or vegetables the stresses of the day seem to melt away. 

Through experience I have learned a few tips and tricks throughout the years.  Here are some of my favorites…

The best suggestion I can offer for gardening success is to create raised garden beds for your vegetables!  My grandson, Seth, created simple raised beds for me. He built 4 beds that are 4' X 8" and 2 beds that are 4" X 4' with 2 X 8 lumber anchored with corner supports. Having a little bit of height makes planting and maintaining much easier, less uncomfortable on your back and knees, and gives you the ability to approach the beds from all sides. You’ll notice that suddenly gardening becomes much more manageable!

If you’re an avid vegetable gardener, or anyone who loves eating their fruits and veggies, and are thinking about a kitchen design I highly recommend installing the new Artifacts Kohler faucet, it offers a "BerrySoft" spray especially gentle for fruits and vegetables! It is one of my favorite sink features. This is why the interview process is so crucial when we work with a client, learning your lifestyle and individual needs help us build a kitchen to perfectly suit your needs.

Another important tip I have learned from the past few years is the more effort and details you put forth in the early stages of preparing and planting your gardens will result in less labor needed throughout the season. Good quality soil and fertilizer, followed by quality mulch, will ease the amount of work needed throughout the summer months, leaving you more time to enjoy your garden.

I do recommend a particular type of mulch that I have used for several years now, it is a seaweed-based mulch from Maine.  In just the first season, I found it improved the quality of my soil along with the heartiness of my flowers and the bounty from my vegetable plants!  I was so amazed, I continue to use this mulch every year and the results are extraordinary. I’ll admit, I'm for anything that makes my life a bit more carefree!

It’s also a great idea to keep a gardener’s scrapbook.  I like to paste pictures, plant tags, and details about each plant, like where I purchased or placed it in my garden.  This helps me keep track of the plants I liked, plants I didn’t, and tips and tricks I learned along the way.

Lastly, I love to embellish my gardens with art and sculptures to reflect my inner style. My collections include a Buddha, a wind sculpture, angels, bunnies & birds, an obelisk, Japanese temple, and a fairy house just to name a few. It just adds a touch of whimsy, and gives an impression of who I am and what I enjoy.

I find such joy in being outside with nature, getting my hands dirty, and watching my garden flourish. It has become a wonderful way to relax.  What are your favorite gardening tips and tricks? 

Happy gardening!